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How to Style a Polo Shirt in the Right Way for Summers

Summers are particularly difficult to dress up sharp because it is hot out there which ultimately limits our chances of styling or layering our outfits. Polo shirts can turn up these around. These are one of the most versatile clothing pieces of a person’s wardrobe. As much as for summer these are appropriate, you can wear the polo shirt in another season as well. You can wear it with short when you’re on the beach or you can opt for wearing it with a pair of chinos and layer a blazer over it to create a chic formal look. Either way you have a chance laden in front of you regarding how you can style it with other clothing wear and accessories. Retailers can get in touch with polo shirts wholesale manufacturers and browse through the exciting offering of clothes that the wholesaler has for its consumers.

wholesale polo shirts manufacturers

On the beach or peak of summer

Polo shirts and linen shorts are the style staple for a day at the beach or a fun hike trip with friends. The outfit calls for effortless styling. To keep the color palette summer friendly, opt for cooler tones like pastels or go for the ultimate bright look. But whatever you chose to make sure to complement the color of the shirt withy the pants to create a statement look.

Casually formal

To create a casually formal look, polo shirt with a pair of chinos is the outfit that you should look out for. These are suitable for a casual dinner with friends or a holiday party with the party. You can even wear the outfit to the office during the autumn months by layering a cardigan over the shirt.

Dress up formal

Dress the polo shirt in a formal way by pairing it with blazer and trousers. Instead of going with the same old boring neutral formal look, here you have the chance of playing around with different types of color palette. If you choose to wear a deep maroon polo shirt then opt for a beige trouser and blazer attire.

Sporty choice

To create a playful sporty look for the weekend summer days, polo shirts will definitely come to your rescue. Just pair the shirt with a solid denim jean and a belt and there you go, a sporty look that will help you through the day in a stylish and fuss free way.

Help your customers create the iconic polo shirt looks by stocking up your store with quality assured and stylish pieces of this summer friendly shirt. For ordering these polo shirts bulk from the best of manufacturers drop a mail to the help team and let them know of your bulk needs.

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polo shirts manufacturers

List Of 3 Unique Ways You Can Style The Modern Polo Shirt

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The classic polo shirt is a part of every man’s timeless clothing wardrobe. These are super easy to style and comfortable as well. It can act as a stylish outfit in itself or work well as a base layer as long as you combine sensible colors together. Polo shirt was considered to be a go-to clothing of choice for tennis players during the 70’s. Since then it has went through a lot of changes and garnered a unique place for itself in the popular culture as well. Thus, retailers who want to include custom polo shirts in their store can popular polo shirt supplier. Meanwhile, read on to know more about the three basic ways you can style the modern polo shirt. Continue reading

Common Mistakes That Men Do While Wearing Polo Shirts

Having some polo shirts in neutrals and those vibrant colors that always brings you compliments can definitely update your wardrobe while allowing you to experiment with your looks for both formal and informal events. However, no matter how simple it looks in the catalogue, styling a polo shirt can be darn difficult if you do not have the basic ideas about it. So here is a list of some blunders that you may be causing if you are wearing your polo tees in the following ways.


Wearing it under a shirt

Polo tees are simply not meant to be worn as undershirts. They can either slip from under the sleeves of your shirts or get crumpled at the collar- in any case creating a fashion faux pas at large.

Going for tight-fitted ones

Even if you have a toned down body, think twice before wearing a body-hugging polo tee since it will not only show each of your flexes while moving your body but also appear uncomfortable when worn for a longer period of time. So find soft and well-fitted shirts in genuine cotton that drape well on the body while adding to your stylish edge.

Purchasing shorter than your height

Unless you are fond of wearing dress shirts, make sure that the lower end of the shirt does not go past the your hips. A longer shirt gets crumpled even if you tuck it into the pants and looks unappealing when left untucked. Now finding them in the right length is as important as getting them in a vibrant and fresh hues of tangerine, electric blue and parrot green which will give your daily jeans and t-shirt look a smart update. So visit a top rated textured polo shirt supplier today and set your eyes on different colors and styles.

Popping up collar

The trend of raising the collar has become outdated even though it can protect your neck from the sun in hot and sultry summer days. However, use some sunscreen lotion and keep your collar down because when you pop it up, it simply makes you look too trying too hard to be cool.

Tuck in or tuck out?

We bet you have definitely faced the confusion with your polo tee if you should wear it tucked in or untucked. Depending on the purpose and occasion you can decide upon tucking your shirt in or not. While in a relaxed corporate surrounding you can tuck in your polo into your trousers, just leave it untucked if you are going to a casual party with friends.

Retailers must also keep these points in mind while stocking up on these tees from their trustworthy wholesale polo shirts manufacturers and helping their customers to put them on properly.

How Online Wholesale Distributors Can Benefit Your Start-Up Business With Polo Shirts

Polo shirts, dating back to their origin in the late 19th century, are the most practical yet versatile pieces of clothing. The best thing about them is that they can be worn for both formal and casual affairs, in the house and around the office corridors, looking well-dressed and classy at the same time, though they were originally invented for their use at polo matches. However, with their reach extending to the different spheres of lifestyle clothing, retailers and business owners can bank on these shirts and enjoy profits.

Now wondering whether you should approach an online wholesaler or a local one? We say go online every time you purchase in bulk. Here’s why.

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What Makes Wholesale Polo Shirts Manufacturers Are High On Demand

Polo shirt is a form of shirt with a collar, a placket with typically two or three buttons, and an optional pocket. These are also known as golf shirt or tennis shirt as these shirts were popularly used while playing these sports. However, over a period of time these polo shirts started being worn for casual purpose also. There are innumerable wholesale polo shirts manufacturers who are all doing successful business. It’s definitely the result of the greater demand of these polo shirts which makes them all run to the bank. So let’s see what makes these shirts so much in vogue?

Multipurpose and versatile

These shirts are the most versatile piece of garment. It can be worn to a sports club for playing purpose, for casual coffee meets and even semi-casual places. When worn with chinos and a pair of moccasins, they give the semi casual appeal.

Wholesale Polo Shirts Manufacturers

All season round wear

These shirts can be worn all season round. While the short sleeved ones are apt for the spring summer season, there are the long sleeve ones which are more suitable for the fall and winter.

Comfortable, durable and stylish

If a shirt meets all the above three criteria- then what more do you want? The important innovation of pique cotton technology has proved to be wonderful in popularizing these polo shirts. This style of weaving has given these shirts durability and more importantly, breathability.

If you are a store owner, retailer or supplier, then you obviously would be looking to buy your stock from a reputed manufacturer. Buying from wholesale polo shirts manufacturers in bulk gives you the added benefit of reasonable pricing for good quality shirts in style, color and pattern of your choice.