3 Good Reasons Why You Must Have Flannel Shirts In Your Wardrobe

The world of fashion may have evolved to space age, but good old flannel is still holding its ground. Today, if there is any one other fabric that can be as easy and as breathable as cotton, it is perhaps flannel and none others. This is also the reason why there are not many wardrobes in the global village in the 21st century that lacks a piece of two of flannel shirts and that too in different shades and designs to suit a range of different occasions. If you are still thinking about giving this near divine material a shot or not, here are a few reasons that is sure to convince you to approach your first purchase with a smile on your face and glee in your heart…

    • To begin with, flannel is just as soft, comfortable, breathable and relaxed as cotton if not more. In fact, it is a blessing to every pollution wreaked skin of these days. If you wish to get through the peak of summers in cool splendor, you must sport flannel on your back.
    • Secondly, maintaining flannel is comparatively easier than maintaining cotton. It is true that this material shrinks on washing, but not as much as pure cotton does. If you abide by the maintenance instructions, these shirts will last longer that you may have expected and that too in great shape.
    • Thirdly, this decade has witnessed the rise of some of the best flannel shirts wholesale providers who have gone miles in bringing forth some of the best varieties of in terms of quality and texture. These materials are shrink resistant and wrinkle resistant while being fast on colors.

At the same time, a wide variety of ramp ready designs have also been introduced which are sure to complement all tastes and preferences which is a reason good enough to convince you to make your purchase.

Flannel Shirts

How To Maintain Your Flannel Shirts

Flannel is one of those man made materials that often seem God gifted. In the seasons when even the tiniest pore in your skin begins to feel claustrophobic, it is a piece of flannel shirt that can grant a fresh breath of oxygen back to your system. Very similar to cotton, this is the natural and perhaps the simplest cooler that you can carry on your back wherever you go. So, when you invest in a piece of flannel shirt, the least you could do in its favor is to care for it the right way so that it lasts longer and stronger.

Basically, it does not take much effort to maintain flannel. It is somewhat similar to maintaining cotton. More often than not, the directions to washing / cleaning are mentioned in the tag attached with the shirt. If by any chance you are left with no instructions, washing in warm water with mild high quality detergent and drying in shade would be more than enough. Most flannel fabrics tend to run colors when washed so, it is not advisable to wash colored ones with whites. It is always wise to wash them separately or with clothes of the same shade.

flano-3Whether you like it or not, flannel in general tends to shrink a little when washed. However, this can be prevented on approaching quality providers for nothing short of the best in the lot. Today, there are a few handpicked wholesale flannel shirts providers operational in the market that can be approached with all guarantees that neither the colors would run nor would the fabric lose its texture or softness. Choosing the right providers in fact, is one of the sure shot ways to land with the options that will last longer and that too without the hassles of overdoing with the maintenance part.