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Denim shirts And The Ways You Can Deck Up Pretty With Them

Denim shirts have always been a specialty item for both him and for her. You can’t think of a more sporty and sexy apparel than a denim shirt. These denim shirts wholesale are something that everyone has in their wardrobe and rightfully so, as these clothes are so comfortable and uniquely appealing that you will never be tired of wearing them. You can also pull off some really cool outlook by wearing these, all you need to do is color code the clothes perfectly which will help you put a finishing to the look.

private label shirt manufacturers

Take a look at the clothes and the styling tips in store for you:

Patchwork Denim Shirts

Let’s start with something that is not the regular deal you walk out and catch at the market. These shirts are even more appealing as these clothes are patch worked with cool prints and Mandala prints, which work brilliantly to create a fusion. Pair these with washed denim jeans and you will have yourself a ball instantly! Get in touch with the leading wholesale shirt supplier churning out the best pieces for your collection.

Wash Denims

If you want something that will give out a subdued feel then you need to take a look at these shirts which are a little minimal on the tonal hue. These shirts are so versatile that you will be able to use them as a denim jacket replacement. Bring out the best in them with wearing a crown neck tee inside which will give it a little detailing and you will be able to add a concrete definition to your outlook.

Mandarin Collar

If you want to bring out sobriety through your dress then you need to take a look at these shirts which brings out the most sober and polished look out of your appeal. The mandarin collar is what does all the magic. You can layer it or wear it as it is- helping you to sport a very unique look to play with.

Get in touch with the leading private label clothing manufacturer to get the best denim shirts for your store. Grab the latest clothes at the most reasonable price and set new benchmarks for your business

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Get The Best Denim Shirts From Oasis Shirts And Impress Your Customers

Denim shirts are extremely fashionable and in high demand with the masses. To satisfy them, you can denim shirts in bulk to your store collection available with the best wholesale denim shirts supplier, Oasis Shirts. Featuring different kinds of washes and textures, these are at the epitome of comfort. Available for both men and women, the shirts are a class apart. You can acquire the promo code of the shirt you want to buy and contact the helpdesk. They will guide with the purchase procedure. To avail discounts for being a bulk buyer, register online today.

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3 Ways To Wear a Denim Shirt That Will Instantly Up Your Style Quotient

If you are looking to make this summer something special, something worthwhile then a denim shirt dressed appropriately is all that you need.

Acting as the foundation of menswear, denim is everything that a fashion forward man can look for. Even if you are not so high on fashion, it is still possible to be in love with denim. It is classically comfortable and defiantly stunning in its appeal. So the real question here is, why not love them?

Denim shirts

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The Unapologetically Stunning Ways To Style Up Denims Shirts For Men

Denims shirts, once regarded as the most casual and careless fashion statements have now trodden the paths of the fashion ages. Today, you can not only wear them casually, but also dress up in them in the most poised and elegant way possible. Be it to the office or for the social gathering s there is completely no denial of the fact that   the classic collared denim shirts are versatile, practical and safe as style quotient. With endless possibilities to pump them up, the men can now ditch their simple tees and formal shirts with the quintessential denim ones to carry an array of style definitions anywhere and everywhere.

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Buy slim- Fit Denim Shirt To Look Stylish

Many men feel confused regarding choosing the right shirt for them. The reason is they often do not understand what will be the ideal selection that will best fit for his body type and obviously for the occasion too.

But a recent market survey reveals most men about 74% prefer to wear denim shirts as it is easy to wear, comfortable and also has a smart and active look. Another important reason for its universal popularity is, you can confidently wear it in various formal, semi-formal and social occasions.

Fitted Denim Shirt MenTherefore denim shirts are occupying an important place among men’s fashion. And as the modern style trend is generally pointing towards slim fitting outfits, fitted denim shirts for men are on top of hot-selling list.

Here are few important tips for buying men’s fitted denim shirt:

  • Be cautious about the shirt length

Shirts’ length is extremely important for men to look smart and confident. Do you prefer to tuck your shirt into your trousers or left out above your trousers? You need to select a shirt depending on this basic requirement. Shirts which fall to about half an inch above your fly is ideal for tuck in.

  • The sleeve length matter a lot too

Check the sleeves length before you buy a shirt. A denim shirt with sleeves that are too short never looks good look. Your arms should comfortably fit in the sleeves. You can also wear half sleeved shirts if your hands are not too thin.

  • Check the shoulder width

Align the end of your shoulder bones with the shoulder seams of your shirts this will allow you to get the right shoulder width for your fitted denim shirts. If the shoulder width is perfect then automatically the other fitting parameters like waist and sleeves also will be of correct measurements.

Five Benefits Of Buying Denim Fashion In Wholesale

Are you planning to start a clothing business? Then you must stock various denim items. No doubt they are the most popular ones that always move fast.

When it comes to denim, jeans appear to be the top ranking product on the list. But this apart, denim shirts, jackets, shorts and skirts are also in great demand. So try to collect a wide selection of all types of denim fashion wear for both men and women including kids which will definitely draw your customer’s attention.

Short Sleeved Denim ShirtBuying from the wholesalers is the best way to create a choicest collection. The wholesale clothing suppliers are those businesses that sell branded and non breaded clothes with varying quality levels at a very reasonable price. If you buy a consignment of branded clothes via these suppliers, you will get them at a price much lower than the usual market rate.

Here are the main advantages of buying clothing in wholesale:

  • The wholesalers are better aware of the market trends and they always offer the new and trendy product lines which are preferred by all denim lovers.
  • If you buy denim shirt in wholesale or denim jacket in bulk you will always get high quality materials that meet the desired market requirements. Additionally, there will be guarantee for stitching and finishing standards too.
  • Moreover there will be huge variety of style and design to choose from. This will no doubt all types of brands, trendy-fashions, innumerable color combinations and options in designs, cuts and sizes.
  • Apart from availing cheap wholesale price for the products you will also get extra advantage of saving cost as the wholesale marketers frequently offer special discounts and best deals to encourage the retailers buy from them.
  • Many wholesale clothing suppliers have specialty services like customization, private labeling etc., in an affordable rate which a retailer can easily opt for.

10 Dressing Tips On How To Wear Denim Shirts

Jeans are one of the most popular wear of modern times. But it is not the jeans trouser only, the denim shirts and jackets also are playing a great role in men’s fashion.

People used to consider denim shirts for various casual purposes. But nowadays trendy guys are breaking down these traditional dressing guidelines. They are refusing to keep the denim shirts for the weekend styling and boldly opting for various experimenting where they are even wearing it under a suit! If you can carry it well, in this combination you may look more stylish and active in your workplace.

Full Sleeved Formal Denim ShirtHere is a style guide line for you which will help you in choosing the formal denim shirts for various needs.

    • Blue always look smart and formal. Women also prefer men in blue than any other shade. So if you are wearing a dark colored suit which looks most be-fitting for every guy you should wear a lighter shade denim shirt with that.
    • While choosing denim shirt always prioritize on your personal taste instead of depending on current trends and fads. Also consider your own body type and choose a smart cut shirt that fit you best.
    • If you are short in height you should not go for baggy or loose fitting denim shirts this will make you look shorter.
    • Allow the cuffs of your denim shirt to show under your jacket or blazer. It makes you look smart and stylish in every occasion be it formal, smart, smart casual or totally casual.
    • It is better to avoid acid washed denim shirts and jackets if you are going to attend a formal appointment, though it may look simply irresistible in a casual meeting!
    • Denim shirts look great with denim trousers too if you can match it well. If you are dressing up totally in denim, then keep the detailing to a minimum.
    • Be careful you are not washing your denim shirts and jackets too heavily and twisting it a lot while washing. This may damage the fabric and fade the color and glaze. A torn or worn out style will not suit a formal occasion.
    • If you are going out for a casual purpose, to compliment your formal denim shirt you can always wear a stripped t-shirt under it. No doubt this type of mix and match styling gives you a totally new look which make you stand out in the crowd.
    • If you are thin then always opt for full sleeved denim shirts it will make you look less thin and more presentable.
  • If are all up for color bursts, you can try out denim shirts and jackets in different colors but try and avoid red, which usually do not go well with masculine denim styling and becomes totally misfit in a formal or even semi formal occasion.