New Fashions In Town – Chiffon Tops

Tops are an integral item in a woman’s wardrobe. They are one of those apparels which can be easily mixed and beautifully matched with other clothing to create a perfect dazzling outfit which will make one look classy and elegant. Tops come in a variety of colours and one should choose the appropriate one to make that lasting impression. A good quality item will not only make you feel at ease but can be incorporated in any wardrobe of your choice. In recent times, tops have become extremely popular not just for a casual day out with friends but as work attire in the office as well.

Chiffon Collar TopsFor Hang Outs:

For hanging out with your friends, you can definitely consider teaming up your stylish chiffon tops with a pair of jeans. As a matter of fact, a coloured floral chiffon top, when worn with a pair of jeans and the right snickers can create that everlasting effect on the minds of onlookers and will work wonders in making you stand out among the crowd. With winter on the cards, you can pair it up with a jacket to give yourself a more stylish look.

For Work:

If you are wondering whether you can wear it in office or not, the answer is a big yes. Wearing a light coloured chiffon top with a black pencil skirt and high heeled stilettos will give you the perfect corporate look. For the summer season, wearing your new chiffon top with a short skirt will give you a flowing feel and make you feel relaxed and comfortable. If you love being adventurous, teaming it with a pair of jeans and leather jacket can give you a rugged look.

In the case of tops, colours play a dominant role in portraying the bold and soft looks. If you intend to wear a top which exhibits a bolder look, then you should always go for bright colours. However, if you are looking to portray that modest finish, greys, black and white tops should be your ideal choices.