5 Winning Ways to Pull Men’s Running Shorts EVERYWHERE

While once solely meant for the tracks, running shorts today have become an ultimate staple that men love to clad in everyday- to beach parties, casual outings, grocery shopping and more. So we would not be surprised if you too have these chic and comfy shorts stacked in your wardrobe.


But just because they are stylish doesn’t necessarily mean they make you look good too—a concept that very few men really seem to understand.

Pair these shorts with snug-fit sublimated tees and stay prepared to become a laughing stock.

To look your finest, you must know a slight ‘its and bits’ of style to pull off the running shorts like a true fashionista everywhere without looking too desperate and out-of-place. Here are 5 easy ways to pull these shorts-

  1. Simple cotton shirts are the best. They are casual, yet exude a suave feel. So go with the plain, light-colored button down cotton tops. Denim shirts are the next best thing.
  2. When wearing round-neck tees, avoid, at all cost, the tight fit varieties. Standard fitting is your best friend. For a more hippie-kind-of appearance, the baggy ones are just as good.
  3. Avoid the tops- shirts, tees or polos- that are bold and colorful; even the monochromes and flannel. Not only are they too eye-catchy but also don’t complement well the running shorts.
  4. About footwear, go with leather sandals when it’s a regular social setup like the parties. But when it’s something more formal-ish, root for the simple slips-on.
  5. When layering, simple hoodies works best with shorts. Regular size blazers are just as great pick. Avoid the bomber, flannel, tracksuit and varsity varieties.

Also, be careful when buying these running mens shorts online. Don’t pick the busy colorful and patterned varieties. Keep it plain and simple. Be also very careful about their overall quality. Buy only from a renowned retail brand.