Polo Shirt Trend – The New IT Shirt for the Season!

The era of slogan tee and graphic printed tees might not be over yet but make some space for the revamped classics, polo shirts. The polo shirt trend gained momentum end of 2015 and with the opening ceremony of Rio Olympics 2016 where the athletes were mostly seen in polos, it is quickly becoming the ‘it’ shirt for the season – for both men and women.


Old Classic with a New Twist

Wholesale polo shirts for men were originally worn by athletes, mainly golfers. With time, it slowly entered the fold of formal wear and with recent technological advancements such as dye-sublimation printing; polos have now become the go-to wardrobe staple for men and women of all ages and from all walks of life. The shirts exude a sort of sporty luxe appeal mixed with contemporary and modern design details that make it appear extremely fashionable. It is worn today for casual outings as well as party wear with complementing pieces.

Men are also increasingly replacing their dress shirts with polos to be worn to work teamed up with smart blazers or suit jackets for a dapper look. Women too are sporting this look with chunky fashion jewelries and heels.

Polo shirts are made available today in myriad hues and tones, nautical stripes made famous by the Olympians, ethereal floral prints around the collar and motifs inspired by R&B hip hop artists.

An Excellent Choice for Employee-wear

Polos with its classy and sophisticated charm is a wonderful option as employee uniforms in any large organization or corporation. The shirts are outrageously comfortable and since it comes with collars, it nails the professional look. By getting in touch with reputed wholesale polo shirts manufacturers, businesses can get customized polo shirts featuring brand name or logo in bulk at wonderfully affordable prices.

Enough of waiting, time is of the essence here. Get hold of wholesale polo shirts for men and women and freshen up your store’s shirts collection.

5 Signs You Still Don’t How To Style Polo T-Shirts

Ever-so-green, polo T-shirts holds a dominant position in the fashion scene even after so many years. But even then, some men find themselves in the prickle- clueless about how to style these tops. While they sure can learn “how to”, the problem is with other set of group. A group of know-it-all men who think they know how to rock the polos like a pro, but in fact they look like a real lumberjack in these tops.

Wholesale Polo Shirts Supplier

Do you fall in this later group? Worry not; we tell you if you do.

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Common Mistakes That Men Do While Wearing Polo Shirts

Having some polo shirts in neutrals and those vibrant colors that always brings you compliments can definitely update your wardrobe while allowing you to experiment with your looks for both formal and informal events. However, no matter how simple it looks in the catalogue, styling a polo shirt can be darn difficult if you do not have the basic ideas about it. So here is a list of some blunders that you may be causing if you are wearing your polo tees in the following ways.


Wearing it under a shirt

Polo tees are simply not meant to be worn as undershirts. They can either slip from under the sleeves of your shirts or get crumpled at the collar- in any case creating a fashion faux pas at large.

Going for tight-fitted ones

Even if you have a toned down body, think twice before wearing a body-hugging polo tee since it will not only show each of your flexes while moving your body but also appear uncomfortable when worn for a longer period of time. So find soft and well-fitted shirts in genuine cotton that drape well on the body while adding to your stylish edge.

Purchasing shorter than your height

Unless you are fond of wearing dress shirts, make sure that the lower end of the shirt does not go past the your hips. A longer shirt gets crumpled even if you tuck it into the pants and looks unappealing when left untucked. Now finding them in the right length is as important as getting them in a vibrant and fresh hues of tangerine, electric blue and parrot green which will give your daily jeans and t-shirt look a smart update. So visit a top rated textured polo shirt supplier today and set your eyes on different colors and styles.

Popping up collar

The trend of raising the collar has become outdated even though it can protect your neck from the sun in hot and sultry summer days. However, use some sunscreen lotion and keep your collar down because when you pop it up, it simply makes you look too trying too hard to be cool.

Tuck in or tuck out?

We bet you have definitely faced the confusion with your polo tee if you should wear it tucked in or untucked. Depending on the purpose and occasion you can decide upon tucking your shirt in or not. While in a relaxed corporate surrounding you can tuck in your polo into your trousers, just leave it untucked if you are going to a casual party with friends.

Retailers must also keep these points in mind while stocking up on these tees from their trustworthy wholesale polo shirts manufacturers and helping their customers to put them on properly.

Trendy Ways To Style The Classic Polo Shirts For Women : 2016

The conventional and classical style trends might fade with time, but they promise to make their comebacks again and again in the global fashion scene. Be it the crop tops or the polo shirts, they never drift out of popularity, and their craze amongst the fashion forwards crowd is undeniable. There has always been a notion that polo shirts are only for the men, but today, with the constant evolution of the fashion scene and the celeb style inspirations, polos are back with a bang, this time not just for the men but for the women too. Inspiring your wardrobe collections for all the seasons, be it scorching May or the chilling December, the top-notch polo shirts wholesale companies ensure crafting newfangled range of polo tees exclusive for the female fashion aficionados.

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Women in Menswear – Ladies Polo Shirt Trend

One of the fashion amusements that have been doing the rounds is women dressing like the boys and beating them at their own game. If you haven’t guessed it yet, we are taking about the polo shirt which is back with a bang and is better than ever. Over the years, the collared top might have drifted in and out of popularity, but its staying power is undeniable. Designers have truly reinvented this style as it has been making appearances not only in the streets but at the runways too.


Scroll down to get some inspiration for your next polo look.

Nothing Beats Simplicity

The ladies polo shirts Australia is classic and sophisticated in its own right and it doesn’t really need a lot of jazz to stand out in the crowd. Simply get a polo shirt in solid color, like blue, black, white, green and so on, and pair it up with a nice pair of skinny jeans in a contrasting color.

73-195x200Look a Little Dressed-Up

If you wish to look a bit more put together to impress your date or nail that interview, then pair up a single colored polo shirt with a mid-length skirt. A sunglass is all you need to complete your ensemble!

The Formal Look

Who says you cannot take your polos to work? Wide-legged trousers are a big hit right now in the fashion world and it is perfect to achieve that formal look required at the workplace. A classic white or black polo should do the trick.

511-195x200Keep it Casual

Ladies polo shirts Australia is made available by manufacturers in a wide assortment of prints and patterns to make it more feminine while at the same time retaining its classicism. These can be comfortable teamed up with a pair of trendy shorts or printed short skirts.

23-195x200Nailing the polo look is not really that hard if you just keep chanting the mantra ‘less is more’. These shirts are a style icon themselves and you do not need to put in a lot of effort to look your best. Just be comfortable and find your perfect fit.

What Makes Wholesale Polo Shirts Manufacturers Are High On Demand

Polo shirt is a form of shirt with a collar, a placket with typically two or three buttons, and an optional pocket. These are also known as golf shirt or tennis shirt as these shirts were popularly used while playing these sports. However, over a period of time these polo shirts started being worn for casual purpose also. There are innumerable wholesale polo shirts manufacturers who are all doing successful business. It’s definitely the result of the greater demand of these polo shirts which makes them all run to the bank. So let’s see what makes these shirts so much in vogue?

Multipurpose and versatile

These shirts are the most versatile piece of garment. It can be worn to a sports club for playing purpose, for casual coffee meets and even semi-casual places. When worn with chinos and a pair of moccasins, they give the semi casual appeal.

Wholesale Polo Shirts Manufacturers

All season round wear

These shirts can be worn all season round. While the short sleeved ones are apt for the spring summer season, there are the long sleeve ones which are more suitable for the fall and winter.

Comfortable, durable and stylish

If a shirt meets all the above three criteria- then what more do you want? The important innovation of pique cotton technology has proved to be wonderful in popularizing these polo shirts. This style of weaving has given these shirts durability and more importantly, breathability.

If you are a store owner, retailer or supplier, then you obviously would be looking to buy your stock from a reputed manufacturer. Buying from wholesale polo shirts manufacturers in bulk gives you the added benefit of reasonable pricing for good quality shirts in style, color and pattern of your choice.

Vibrant High Fashion Polo Shirts For Men in Wholesale

Trendy and high fashion apparel available in the men’s section has very attractive and brightly color variants in every range, be it for formal, casual or training fitness and even sports. High in demand is the very smart and well fitted polo tees and shirts.

The hot and trendy collections of vibrantly colored polo shirts are ideally suited for any sporting activity and are ideally suited, even as comfortable lounge or casual wear. The awesome color variations, designs, cuts and styles available in polo shirts for men wholesale, in block color, striped, gingham print or any other are many and it is quite a challenge to shortlist the best ones. In fact, every piece available is a masterpiece; such is the collection at every store.

Wholesale Polo ShirtsTo get genuinely superior quality and high designer collection of polo shirts for men wholesale, it is rather important to check the credentials of the bulk manufacturer or supplier that you are planning to place the order from. Most top ranking wholesalers have their own manufacturing and distribution units that make it extremely convenient to place orders based on custom requirements.

With the world at large becoming a paradise for all kinds of men’s clothing, the very colorful range available in the latest trends in polo shirts for men wholesale have very vibrant and dark colored variants included, apart from the usual light and pastel shades that are really cool and ever in demand collection. So whether it the preppy look, suave looks or simple and laid back look, every type to suit individual requirement is available.

The smart and high fashion collections are styled, stitched and tailored to suit modern day trends, which are available with excellent classic fit, custom fit or body fit and slim fit variations, along with the regular and standard types . The distinctive versatility of high fashion range is impressive these days, and you can pick from mesh, stretch mesh, ultra soft variants depending on the look and purpose required.

Get Trendy Floral Polo Shirts in Vibrant Color Contrasts in Bulk

The high strung fashion scenario has amazing potentialities to bring in the most magnificent styles and prints in designer apparel in every segment and range. Besides the other very hot and trending designer collections, the most in demand range is the very attractive floral polo shirts, besides the other variants of floral printed shirts and tees that have made a smart entry into millions of wardrobes across the globe.

Stylised Floral Print Polo Shirts MenThe trending designer range of floral shirts has certainly caught the fancy of the young, not so young and old alike. Every fashion follower has sunk hook, line and sinker in trying to get the best of the floral prints available in the shirts range, which includes the high defined trendy floral polo shirts that are available in vibrant color contrasts and the subtle color contrasts as well.

All the variants of the very flowery stuffs, right from the pastel color shades to the vibrant ones are available in variations like collars in contrasting colored hues including black and white. The best of high fashion collections in these categories are easily available in wholesale or bulk purchase as well.

The outstanding designer collections of these cool attires include the smartly styled and printed floral polo shirts. These designer collections are available in every significant fit like slim fit snug fit, regular and straight fit that makes these trendy top wear collections even more popular. The best part is that customized orders are now accepted by top line of designer manufacturers. It is now easy for bulk buyers to get a chance to place orders for exact type of polo shirt required. The fact that these customized orders can be placed for multiple variants all at one go, brings in an added incentive for wholesale buyers.

This means that all types of styles in this range with welt pocket, customized collar options, print in specific floral color preferences and contrast colored inner panels in neckline, sleeve ends and even sides, if and as required

Make A Fashion Statement With Polo Shirts

Polo shirts have been a popular choice among people from times immemorial. These have found place in men’s wardrobe time and again. Personality, attitude and proper grooming is no doubt essential to enhance one’s style quotient, but this classic and timeless piece of apparel is surely a fashion statement in itself.

Polo shirts ensure the highest levels of comfort due to the perfect blend of cotton and polyester. As a matter of fact, this is what makes it all the more hip and happening for a variety of occasions.

WHITE POLO SHIRTSChoose The Right Retailer:

In the age of e-retailers it is not really difficult to acquire a product of your choice. All one needs to do is ordering the shirt online and he/she can be sure that it will reach the right destination within the stipulated time.

But, it is always advisable to exercise some caution in choosing the e-retailer. One can never deny the fact the only the right e-shop will provide you with quality apparels. Thus, approaching the right manufacturer for the job is actually very important.

Experiment With Colors:

In term of a shirt’s color, it has often been observed that the preferred choices for men are black and navy blue, whereas for women many opt for brighter hues like pink, yellow and red.

Nevertheless, if you want to keep things simple with a minimalistic classy appeal then you can definitely opt for wholesale white polo shirts. This will also reduce your costs to a large extent as manufacturers often offer attractive wholesale prices.

Wearing a white shirt is ideal for people with a fair complexion. It not only makes you stand apart from the rest but acts as a style quotient as well. These can be worn with almost anything be it casual jeans, formal pants or semi formal trousers. Teaming it up with a blue pair of jeans will surely turn a few heads.

Evolution Of Polo Shirts

Polo Shirts have always been popular with people of all ages. In the earlier times, these were mostly made of cotton and natural fibres. Due to the quality of materials used, these were ideal for wearing during the summer seasons. It is a known fact that cotton can absorb moisture to a large extent, thereby keeping the wearer cool and comfortable.

However, the material has its own set of drawbacks as well. Many a times it has been observed, that cotton shirts tend to wrinkle very easily and needs to be maintained with utmost care, which is not always possible.

Yellow Polo ShirtsEnsures Maximum Comfort:

Understanding the need of the hour, polo shirt manufacturers have come up with the polyester material. This has solved the problems which were being faced earlier. The material is durable and strong enough to be used for a variety of purposes, including adventure activities.

Nowadays, polyester is blended with cotton so that the comfort level remains intact while the functionality gets increased. There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that this blend of comfort and breathability has worked wonders in increasing the popularity of polo shirts to a great extent.

Comes In Bold Colors:

If you are thinking about the perfect apparel with which you can team up your polo shirt, it has to be a pair of jeans. This can, no doubt, add a degree of formality to your entire get up. If you are the type of person who loves to experiment with colours, you can definitely find a yellow polo shirt supplier offering you attractive designs as well.

While wearing bold colors can sometimes increase your charm and make you stand out, the focus should always be on choosing contrasting colours like black and white. These will not just make you look good, but can be ideal for a range of occasions where semi formal wear is the norm.