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Why Flannel Shirts Add An Edge To Your Wardrobe?

Flannel clothing often seems missing the limelight in the fashion scene, no matter how versatile it can be! When you move that cursor in an e-store and browse through the varied collection, not getting one for yourself is practically impossible.

Flannel shirts are very comfortable while style and versatility offers the added advantage. The fabric used in making your regular flannel shirts are superior quality which makes it so soft and comfortable to wear.

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These shirts have a long history behind its origin. Flannel shirts were worn by peasants. The main reason for them having to choose to wear this was because of the comfort and the tenderness of the cloth, making the long working hours, bearable.

The Connection Of Music Bands And Flannel Shirts

This constant demand has lead the manufacturers to start production of wholesale flannel shirts. Many, including musicians have helped popularize the growth of flannel shirts. They wore it on stage while performing and it helped in throwing that dash of swag all around.  And most rock ‘n roll musicians are known to fly and jump around the stage all time. If not a flannel, going topless, with a pair of leather pants have also been a fairly popular style statement for them. Flannel pants can also be worn, when it is cold outside as it helps in keeping the body warm.

Retailers Must Spruce Up Their Stock

A whole range of bulk flannel shirts, including men’s trout plaid flannel, trim fit flannel, freeport flannel, men’s scotch plaid are available in the colossal catalog of the manufacturers from where the noted retailers can source their supplies. The traditional approach to flannel shirts is usually with two pockets in front, which are preferred by a lot, but the modern touch to an age old classic is also liked my many.

Flannel shirt wholesale buying option has allowed retailers to increase their line of clothes. If you are a retailer and want to increase the range of your stock, look no further and get in touch with one of the leading manufacturers to place your order now. Drop an email for any further enquires!

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Notch up Your Style Quotient with the Best Flannel Shirts for Women In 2018

No matter how updated your style statement becomes, you can never get enough of the timeless flannel shirts, be it cotton for summer or wool flannels for winters. The flannel shirts are quintessential wardrobe additions that every woman must own, for styling them in a variation of fashion essences.

Available in an array of styles, cuts, sizes and fits, today the flannel shirts offer a number of opportunities to the style enthusiasts to look absolutely hip and happening in them. The classic flannel shirts are contemporary items today that complete the closets of the stylish women perfectly.

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Here are some of the must have womens flannel shirt range that you should go for, crafted by the leading manufacturing hubs.

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3 Clothes You Wore To School Which Are Still Sexy!

We all loved our school days (especially the high school ones). There is no doubt that we miss it. The missing out on classes, sneaking into the playground, skipping detentions, participating in a variety of activities- those golden days. Yes, they have become a part of our memories, but what we still can have is the impeccable fashion. 90s were a fun time to grow up. There are a few fashion clothes which were a staple then and are a staple now. Their versatility was too hard to ignore, thus ensuring their comeback.

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Getting back on those items, here is a list of three such pieces which we can wear today, in a different era, with the same panache.

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Dress Yourself This Spring with The Classically Stylish Flannel Shirts!

Having recently being elevated to the epitome of casual wardrobe, flannel shirts have been a staple for a long time. When singer and musician Kurt Cobain started wearing plaid shirts on stage, there was assurance that they were stationed in the hearts of all the sub-culture artists. Soon, they made their way into the mainstream when the true spirit of flannel was somewhat altered. But again, they made their way back into the closets of all men who knew how wonderful these fashion pieces were.


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Stealing Deals On Trendy Flannel Shirts For Men And Women

Trendy and high fashion plaid flannel shirts for men and women can be picked at factory price directly from wholesaler. Shirts made to bring on that instant fashion statement or create that ultimate buzz with the country style look are all that makes the difference. Most wholesalers provide year round discounts on purchase of wholesale women’s flannel shirts,as well as on al variants of men’s flannel shirts.


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Add Some Spice to the Smart and Classic Flannel Shirts to Pump Them Up

The vintage flannel shirts which are known for their comfort and chic check shirts , are back in the global fashion scene , Once worn by the handsome hunk men , now are being widely embraced by the fashionable women too.  This off-duty favourite wardrobe staples has been very fashion forward for the ladies, and worn for parties, casual outings and other occasions.  Thinking out of the box, and adding your own spin becomes very important from rocking them at the office on Fridays, to the weekend parties or the weekend strolls. The leading flannel shirts wholesale manufacturing hubs have been crafting these vintage outfits in a medley of cuts, from shoulder cut outs, to the formals, the casual, embellished and much more. Wondering how to spice them up? Here are few of the style ideas.


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4 Rules of Finding the Best Flannel Shirts from Leading Manufacturers

Flannel shirts, vintage and timeless, exude a classy charm that defines the off-duty yet chic style. Coming in a range of materials and newfangled color sets and designs they certainly make for perfect addition to the wardrobe. However, no matter how eye-catching these grunge tartan collections look, there are some important factors to consider when it comes to purchasing the right ones that fit your body and suit your personality.

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Rule 1 # Proper fit and size

While scrolling down the alluring choices, it is easy to overlook right fit and size. But more than being fashionable, the shirts are required to be practical and well functional. To distinguish a proper shirt, what goes into consideration is its tapered bottom with loose fit around the chest. Nothing looks as good as a well-fit shirt that embraces your torso and flatters your structure. But be sure to avoid slouchy ones and instead go for tailored-to-fit perfection.

Retailers can also spruce up their stocks with this grunge-inspired flannel shirt wholesale in different shapes, fits and sizes to satiate the demands of a large section of customers. All they have to do is contact a trustworthy clothing manufacturer online and place their orders in bulk.

Rule 2 # Right length

Most people tend to overlook the length of their shirts once they get the fit and size right. But it is mandatory to check if the end tail of your plaid shirt reaches the small of your back. So get some flannel shirts cheap which you can tuck in your jeans and trousers or leave it untucked to channel a casual vibe.

Rule 3 # Comfortable fabrics with apt texture

As the technology advances many leading manufacturers have brought forth a range of fabrics that are able to keep warmth in winter and offer comfort during spring and summer. The blends of satin and cotton with flannel are meant to provide the wearers with improved experience. Now as per the texture, it is also important to make sure that the shirts leave a soft and smooth feel on the skin.

Rule 4 # Choose different colors and patterns

Needless to say that flannels are rooted to the classic and conventional forum of styles but thanks to the modern designers who are continuously experimenting with different colors and patterns that they are now available in scores of contemporary and fashionable choices. Though muted and neutral shades of black and white remain safe bet for the classics admirers, there has been a flurry of creative choices with bright and neon shades of purple, pink, blue and yellow. For instance, the combination of red and black or olive green, yellow and blue with small embellishments can be a little departure from the norms and an exploration to the more fashionable arena. However, feast your eyes on more amazing choices such as the ones with ombre effects- the shades of bright colors in varying degrees.

How The Old Winter Wear Evolved Into Cool Flannel Shirts!

To begin with, you must be informed first and foremost that flannel is a fabric that was used in the winter to keep cold winds at bay. Now, with changing trends and the innovations in the field of fashion clothing, flannel has dropped its “winter wear” tag and become an all-time clothing option. Men and women alike are fond of the plaid flannel shirts that have a casual appeal yet are not low on the style quotient. Continue reading

3 Good Reasons Why You Must Have Flannel Shirts In Your Wardrobe

The world of fashion may have evolved to space age, but good old flannel is still holding its ground. Today, if there is any one other fabric that can be as easy and as breathable as cotton, it is perhaps flannel and none others. This is also the reason why there are not many wardrobes in the global village in the 21st century that lacks a piece of two of flannel shirts and that too in different shades and designs to suit a range of different occasions. If you are still thinking about giving this near divine material a shot or not, here are a few reasons that is sure to convince you to approach your first purchase with a smile on your face and glee in your heart…

    • To begin with, flannel is just as soft, comfortable, breathable and relaxed as cotton if not more. In fact, it is a blessing to every pollution wreaked skin of these days. If you wish to get through the peak of summers in cool splendor, you must sport flannel on your back.
    • Secondly, maintaining flannel is comparatively easier than maintaining cotton. It is true that this material shrinks on washing, but not as much as pure cotton does. If you abide by the maintenance instructions, these shirts will last longer that you may have expected and that too in great shape.
    • Thirdly, this decade has witnessed the rise of some of the best flannel shirts wholesale providers who have gone miles in bringing forth some of the best varieties of in terms of quality and texture. These materials are shrink resistant and wrinkle resistant while being fast on colors.

At the same time, a wide variety of ramp ready designs have also been introduced which are sure to complement all tastes and preferences which is a reason good enough to convince you to make your purchase.

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