Drop-Shipping Service Is Lucrative- But Don’t Forget The Basics!

Drop shipping clothing wholesalers are all but delight and near to messiah figures for the small clothing businesses. After all buying bulk from them has so many fits-

  • You get your wholesale directly from the manufacturer or wholesaler;
  • This eliminates the needs of middlemen or agencies;
  • This reduces the overall cost substantially and increases the Return On Investment (ROI).
  • Besides, the hassle of ensuring the middlemen deliver your order properly and timely is no more.
  • And if you’re buying from a good manufacturer, your ordered bulk might be covered under shipping insurance, which diminish your risks considerably.

All these benefits are very attractive and lucrative. But sadly, small businesses get carried away in them and fail to look beyond. Or so to say, they get blinded with all the merits of this service- drop shipping- that they forget the basics and distort their standard priorities. Continue reading