Style tips for men’s black and white check shirt

Have men’s black and white check shirt and wondering how to wear it? Here are few style tips that could help you to use this shirt in better ways.

Wear it as a jacket

This is the most popular way of wearing checks. During fall and winter season, this works even better as layering is needed for protection. A monochrome sweatshirt inside helps to keep the person warm besides uplifting the style quotient! If the check shirts are made in woven fabric, then it serves the purpose of thermal insulation even better.

Black and White Check ShirtWith denims and a stylish belt

Wearing these black and white check shirts with denims is a well known fact. But to make it even trendier, try wearing it with slim fit denims and the shirt tucked in. An attractive large sized belt on the front would enhance the look of the attire. For this ensemble, it’s important to have a well toned body.

Wear it with a sweater over

In the harsh winter season, wearing a monochrome sweater of preferable darker hue would accentuate the black and white check shirt besides giving adequate warmth to the wearer. If its not too chilled then you can also wear a sleeveless sweater or a padded jacket. The long check sleeves then are seen along with the collar which makes for a classy style statement.

These shirts are available in plenty in the market. In fact you can buy these online with just a click of the button by searching for well known manufacturers who believe in providing quality stuff. Buying in bulk directly from a manufacturer or supplier would ensure slashed prices for the same product. Although there are usual ways of wearing these shirts with trousers and denims, but it’s never a bad idea to experiment with newer ones.

Three ways to don black checked shirt

Black checked shirts is such a thing that you can rarely go wrong with. It is a perfect semi-formal wear and can be molded to suit any place or time. These shirts can be worn by both men and women and are available in all sizes. These are made of 100% cotton that gives the wearer absolute comfort. Being machine washable, these shirts are easy to care and maintain.

Mens Black Checked ShirtsWith a pair of denims

These shirts with a pair of sand washed blue denims looks cool and chic. While the shirt is monochrome, the shading in the denims breaks the color monotony. The casual appeal is best personified in this particular look especially when the shirt is worn without tucking it in. If you are blesses with flat abs, then the tucked in shirt with denims and a stylish belt will give semi-casual feel. This ensemble can be carried by both men and women with style and attitude.

Black on top, beige at bottom

With beige chinos, these would make an excellent combination. The color contrast works extremely well here. A pair of moccasins would complete this look with flamboyance. Men endorsing this look will have the extra edge of impressing the lady on the first date. As for women, this look is not only trendy but also comfortable.

Team them with pink or gray shorts

Black checked shirt would go extremely well with women as baby pink is supposed to be a girl’s favorite color. When teamed with black, it is very captivating indeed. Pink has become trendy with men as well. But those who are still apprehensive about this hue can go for gray.

So what are you waiting for? Get hold of a decent manufacturer and buy your favorite black checked shirt at the most discounted prices in bulk.

Slim-fit Gingham Check Shirt

Make a Style Statement with Chic Designer Check Shirts

Designer check shirts are the staple wear for most young boys and men. But now going a step further, these shirts have become a rage among the women as well. These fashionable shirts made in premium quality fabrics are skin friendly, tear resistant, fade resistant, easy to maintain, long lasting and super comfy. These shirts make for an excellent formal wear for both men and women. They are available in all kinds of fit, color, size, pattern and fabric.

Slim-fit Gingham Purple Check Shirts

Slim-fit Gingham Check ShirtFor the sweet, innocent and sober look, this shirt is just perfect. Not only for regular office wear, can these shirts be used for professional parties as well.

Casual check shirts

Available in a wide variety of colors, these shirts have full button placket and half sleeves making it a great casual wear. Casual Check Shirts

Small check shirts

Fitted small check shirts with full sleeves is made for all-in-one purpose. It can be worn to office with trousers, for a casual outing and also for a party with a pair of denims. Being made in 100% cotton, these shirts are extremely comfortable and easy to maintain also.

Bold check shirts

Bolder checks look more striking. Teamed with a pair of well-fitted trousers, these full sleeve ones look very smart and professional. With a slight variation of sleeves, it can give a semi-casual feel as well.

Ladies’ check shirts

Checks have become popular among ladies as well especially the college goers and the young professionals. They can have contrasting buttons to make the shirt look more appealing. Button up half sleeves, gives the check shirt a very casual and chic look.

Women Check ShirtsDesigner check shirts are available in vast array of patterns and colors. Red, black, blue, gray and purple were common ones but nowadays offbeat colors like yellow and green are trend setting also.

If you want to buy designer check shirts, then visit the e-store of a top manufacturer!

Ideas to Style Up Yourself With Black and Red Checked Shirt!

Checked shirts have not yet lost its popularity, rather as the fashion trends are changing, more designs and styles are emerging in this category. Though started with men wearing it as a clan identity in the Scottish uplands, now it has become a trendy casual wear for fashionable ladies. Through its dramatic evolution it has made its way into the mainstream fashion clothing.

Black and Red Checked Shirt

The hipster look of these checked shirts attracts customers irrespective of their age and genders. If you are also fond of plaid shirts, then here are some styling tips for you.

Black and Red Checked Shirt With Denim:

This is probably the most favoured choice of the modern fashion conscious women. The striking combination of jet black and bright red will lend you a cool yet stylish appearance. Denim itself is another chic option and you can probably imagine how these two will go together. Just add a flashy belt around your waste and you are ready for the hangout with your friends or the romantic date you were looking forward to.

Plaid shirts With Shorts:

Take that same Black and Red Checked Shirt and wear it with your sexy pair of shorts. It will reveal your sleek and toned legs and make you the head turner without any over-the-top embellishment. You can tuck it in or let it loose, choose whatever makes you fall for the image in the mirror. Just check out the online stores of the leading manufacturers where you will find a wide variety of plaid shirts in different and exciting amalgamation of colors.

Checked shirt on Tank Tops:

Another option to carry your plaid shirt stylishly is wearing it on the cool tank tops. Wear a white tank top underneath your Black and Red Checked Flannel Shirt and accessorize it with elegant long necklaces. You will surely be the centre of attention among your peers.

So, it is time to rummage the inventories of the online clothing stores and choose the plaid shirt that suits your taste.

Checked shirts-Menswear Essentials!

There may be days when you will want to blend a formal look with a casual one and nothing seems to go right for this mission. Not many are aware that a checked shirt is definitely the one and only way that can help you to look the sophisticated office professional as well as the casual cool party animal. This two-in-one masterpiece has been an essential menswear since ages and no doubt that it is here to stay for a very long time.

Black And Grey Checked ShirtThe local market may be flooded with such apparels, but they lack in variety and exclusivity, that is the most essential thing that you look for when purchasing such common wear. Check shirts are very regular among men in all age groups but if you want yours to be a tad bit different, then the online manufacturers is a good option to be considered. Their online gallery will flood you with excellent designs but the traditional, old, favorites like black and grey checked flannel shirt has an ethereal charm which magnifies in essence when touched upon by the skilled craftsmen of the leading e-stores. Pair them with pleated pants or rugged jeans; the best quality about these apparels is that they blend easily in any mood to suit the taste of individuals.

The black and grey checked shirt can be designed and styled differently by the e-stores, by the use of different cuts, patterns and fabric. If you have such variety of fashionable designs in your mind just pour them out and get them customized by the skilled craftsmen. Apart from grey and black, you can also opt for vibrant hues that are very much a trend that is being followed by the youth. Save your bucks by getting them at bulk along with attractive discounts that come along with these purchases.

So get ready to spend the day at the office and nights at the pub with your favorite black and grey checked shirt.