Modern Ways To Don Polo Shirt

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They are also super easy to sport besides being versatile. Let’s check out some outfit ideas incorporating this wardrobe favorite.

With A Suit

This is as conventional as it gets. To wear a proper suit, you can switch your dress shirt and tie for a fine polo, properly tucked in. Granted, this outfit isn’t for everyone. It could feel a bit hard to pull off. The point is to ensure your polo fits you properly. If it’s too long and big, it will wreck the whole appearance. If you sport suits all the time, particularly in warmer weather, give the polo a shot!

Tuck It In

Want to spice things up a bit more? Just tuck in your polo and throw on your one of the favorite blazer or sport coat. Put on the loafers or go for a pair of leather lace-ups. When in confusion, you can’t mess things up with a navy blue jacket. Patch pockets and soft shoulders will give any jacket a more laid-back feel, ideal for putting over a polo shirt.

Loafers And Jeans

One more way to take things up a notch is to put on some fitted jeans along with a pair of brown leather loafers. Surprisingly, this look works great with chinos as well. Light or medium wash jeans look good with light or medium brown loafers, whilst darker jeans will look amazing with black, burgundy or darker brown loafers. Either way, ensure your jeans aren’t so long that they are piling up on top of your footwear. A tad bit of break from pants is acceptable, but too much could look shoddy.

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